Pros and Cons of Chatbots by John Rampton


Chatbots are becoming mainstream as both consumers and businesses become more accustomed to the idea of interacting with a machine. With growing acceptance and the focus on automation, customer experience, and enhanced communication, this may be the right time to consider incorporating a chatbot into both your business and marketing. Before jumping in and investing in this technology for your marketing strategy, it is important to understand both the pros and cons of chatbots.

Pros of chatbots

Let’s start with what makes chatbots so attractive and beneficial. As humans, we are good at improving when focused on a goal. We can become smarter, more productive, and increasingly efficient. To a certain point, we can also multitask.

Scalable and consistent

The problem is that we eventually hit a limit. A chatbot doesn’t. They can simultaneously handle every inquiry without hesitation–they are incredibly productive. So, the first advantage is helping a company handle a growing scale of customers and prospects without needing to add more staff. Doing so provides a consistent service experience that customers can rely on to be there when needed. Read the complete article here.

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