Developer Partner Community Newsletter June 2021

Dear Developer Partner Community,

Thanks for the joint business in fiscal year 2021, June 1st starts the New Year for Oracle. Partners play a key role for Oracle integration and digital assistant. 8 of the top 10 Oracle Integration customers are implemented by partners. SaaS solutions like HCM, CX and ERP Cloud need to be integrated and customized. Attend the SaaS Innovation Webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management, July 8th 2021. Want to increase the Oracle PaaS business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud? Attend the PaaS Overview Webcast July 6th 2021. Martijn Vlek, Vice President will present the latest PaaS sales plays, kits and how to get access to the Oracle Cloud platform.

What are AI Chatbots and How Do They Work? Artificial intelligence chatbots are text- or voice-based interfaces that provide support and connect human users with the services or information they need by simulating a traditional person-to-person conversation. Thanks to the community for all the excellent chatbot & development tool articles: Learning Entity Event Handler Programming by Example of Building an Expense Report Skill & Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Testing Strategies & Building A Frequently Asked Question Skill Using A Programming By Convention Approach & Creating Multi – Select User Interfaces For Data Stored In Array Variables & Display Web View Forms in Oracle Web Messenger for Structured or Secret Data Entry & Introduction to JET Dynamic Components in Visual Builder.

In the Application Development section Clay announced the ARM based Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offering. Helidon, a collection of Java libraries for writing microservices, supports now Vault and Neo4j.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The June edition highlights Connect & Innovate SaaS & Platform Launch Webcasts and the Hands-on Integration Bootcamps. In this month’s community webcast Shay Shmelzer will present an Oracle Visual Builder update and how partners can leverage the used by Oracle to develop the next generation of Oracle Cloud Apps to extend SaaS and build customer solutions. Please join the Partner Community Webcast June 29th 2021. On-demand webcast recordings are available at the Oracle Video Hub.

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