Define Multiple Entity Prompts And Prompt Sequences To Make Your Digital Assistant Appear Less Robotic And More Human by Frank Nimphius

While chatbots shouldn’t pretend to be human, they shouldn’t behave robotic either. A bot that has a single prompt for interacting with a human can only display that single prompt, which sounds like a broken record if the prompt needs to be displayed again. In Oracle Digital Assistant, there are two things you can do to make your chatbot appear more natural when prompting users. Both have to do with entities and the use of either the System.CommonResponse component or the System.ResolveEntities component to render the entity.

A reoccurring theme you find on Oracle TechExchange is model-driven conversations that use entities to prompts users for input and for holding and validating user provided input. Custom entities, and when used in composite bag entities then system entities too, expose properties developers can set. Read the complete article here.

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