Accessing The Current Range Start For Bag Items In A Composite Bag Entity by Frank Nimphius


About Page Ranging

Messenger behaves differently when it comes to the number of buttons or the selection of items that can be rendered. To remove limitations, you can configure the data items that are displayed simultaneously on composite bag entity items.

For the users to be able to browse all data values, you then use buttons exposed on the System.CommonResponse component or the System.ResolveEntities component. What happens when a user tabs on a button is that the component navigates to a next or previous page range.

There may be a time where you need to know what the current page range is. In composite bag entities, the page range is identified by the range start index, which, of course, is different for each bag item. In this article I explain how you can access the current page range for a bag item in a composite bag entity at runtime using an Apache FreeMarker expression. Read the complete article here.

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