Testing Your Apache FreeMarker Expressions Using The Online FreeMarker Template Tester by Frank Nimphius


About Apache FreeMarker in Oracle Digital Assistant

Apache FreeMarker is the expression engine used in Oracle Digital Assistant dialog flows, entities and skill and digital assistant settings.

An Apache FreeMarker expression is defined using the ${ … } construct or as directives like <#if …> <#else> … </#if>. You can read up on Apache FreeMarker expressions at

· Apache FreeMarker Template Language

· Apache FreeMarker Reference for Oracle Digital Assistant

About the Online Template Tester

The Apache FreeMarker online tester is available as a project on GitHub and online.

On GitHub

You find the GitHub project at https://github.com/apache/freemarker-online-tester

Online Tester

To use the online tester, point your browser to https://try.freemarker.apache.org/

The image below shows the tester that displays in the browser.

The Template field takes the Apache FreeMarker construct or expression you want to test. The Data model field provides various options for you to model the data objects that are referenced by your expression.

The data model may simulate a variable state in Oracle Digital Assistant or the content of a system variable.

As a rule of thumb: Any data object reference in your FreeMarker script needs to be modeled. Read the complete article here.

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