Displaying Nested Arrays with Nested Tables in Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer

Hierarchical data is very common when working with databases, but showing such data can pose challenges when you want to show all the data on one page. In the past I showed how to show hierarchy using a tree component, in this blog I’m building on top of the concepts shown there to create a UI representations that shows a nested details table for each master record.

In the example we use a data set of departments and employees that belong to each one of them. We want to show a table of the employees below the details of each department. This is a common representation in “report” type of outputs.

To achieve this we are starting from the tree example, populating an ArrayTreeDataProvider with the data.

We then use an oj-bind-for-each component to dynamically render each of the master records. Binding the component to the array of master records, and using a panel with content in it bound to a specific field. You can of course expand and modify the layout of that area with additional fields and layouts. Read the complete article here.

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