Business Object Client Side Caching with Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer

Iimagef you are using Visual Builder’s Business Objects (BO) as a source of data for your Visual Builder user interface, caching their content on the client side can help improve your app performance. The latest version of Visual Builder provides a simple declarative way to control caching settings for your BOs.

Caching Considerations

There are a couple of points to consider before you implement caching though:

If your data is frequently changing, you might not want to cache it on the client as the cached data might be out of date when the user access it. For example, we wouldn’t suggest caching the current inventory for each product in your warehouse, as this will change with every new order placed. The list of product names, however, might be data that you can cache assuming your products catalog changes at most once a day. Visual Builder lets you define the length of time that the data is cached – which should help you tune this for each piece of data. Read the complete article here.

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