GraalVM quick reference by Oleg Šelajev

imageThere are three main ways how GraalVM can help with the Java applications: making them faster by using the state-of-the-art JIT compiler, compiling them into standalone native executables with instant startup and low memory consumption, and enhancing them with libraries or code in other supported languages.

This quick reference is a one-page short summary of what GraalVM can do and the key options and commands to illustrate its capabilities. You can download it and print. It fits neatly on an A4 paper, so you can hang it in the office and use it as a reminder of what GraalVM can do and which options turn it on. Be sure to grab the pdf version for printing so it looks neat and sharp. Note that if your printer is more comfortable with the US letter paper formats please make sure to get this version, it’ll look better. Read the complete article here.

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