Deciding how to partition your digital assistant into multiple skills by Grant Ronald


A key feature of Oracle Digital Assistant is the ability to construct your digital assistant from multiple skills.  This concept of splitting software into more functionally manageable, or reusable, building blocks is a common technique in software development, whether it’s database tables, PL/SQL packages or Java classes.

However, even though the general concept is understood, the question as to what is the best approach for partitioning a digital assistant comes up frequently in a number of different guises: “How should I partition my digital assistant into skills”, “How many skills should I have”, or “Should I combine these two skills into one”. Alas, there is no magic formula for calculating the answer, and more often the answer is “it depends”, but there are some key consideration to be aware of when making the decision.

This article explains how to how to partition your digital assistant projects into skills and how to make those decisions. Read the complete article here.

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