The MS Excel Challenge Of Curating Utterances And Resource Bundles For Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius


How do you curate your utterances and message bundles? Well, I use Microsoft Excel, which could cause a problem though. The problem described in this article does not appear to be reproducible on all operating systems and on all versions of Microsoft (MSFT) Excel. However, it does occur on my MAC so I thought it would be best to document it in case anyone else is having this problem.

What is the problem?

The problem shows for messages in resource bundles or for utterances that contain a comma in them. For example, the resource bundle message shown in the image below contains multiple commas.

Exporting the message bundle to a CSV file shows the following content for the message containing the commas. As you see, the message that contains commas is surrounded by double quotes (“), whereas the message that does not contain a comma does not use surrounding quotes.

At least on my MAC (Catalina) the surrounding quotes are getting lost after importing the CSV file to MSFT Excel and then exporting it to a new CSV file. This is true for resource bundle strings but also CSV I export from the intent panel in skills. As a result, when re-importing the CSV file, the messages are getting cropped at the first comma. Resource bundles shows the part after the comma added to the annotation field.

The solution

As mentioned, this problem does not reproduce on other computers and does not be a problem with MACs. However, if you experience the problem and want to use MSFT Excel for editing resource bundles and utterances (especially for curating utterances in intents, Excel is a nice too to use), then this is how I got it working. Read the complete article here.

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