Three ways to customise the WebLogic MarketPlace Stacks – Part 2 by Jan Leemans


Develop your own Stack to launch a WebLogic Pay-as-you-go Image

Oracle Marketplace offers a streamlined way to get started with a publisher’s software, and through the Marketplace UI you can simply spin up any of these solutions through a simple wizard.

This blog is the second chapter in a series that will explore your options to work with Terraform and the Marketplace Stacks and Images of WebLogic as provided on the Marketplace, offering you the ability to spin up your own customised stacks using the “Pay-as-you-go” consumption of WebLogic licenses.

You will learn how to launch an individual Pay-as-you-go image with full control of the setup process, omitting the standard Stack provided on Marketplace.

· In the first blog you could read how to automate the launch of the WebLogic stack as it is provided on Marketplace, using Terraform and a bit of OCI Command Line.

· In a third article I will be adding a WebLogic Pay-as-you-go Node Pool to an existing OKE cluster, thus allowing to easily switch an existing custom setup of WebLogic running on OKE into a pay-as-you-go type of consumption

Launch a Pay-as-you-go image

In the first article of this series you learned how to use the normal stack with the out-of-the-box automation provided by Oracle. But what if you want to fully customize the install, but still use an instance that has a Pay-as-you-go license entitlement for WebLogic ? Read the complete article here.

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