Sharing A Skill With Sample Code For Using The ICU Message Format In Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius


I ‘ve always been a proponent of using resource bundles in chatbots instead of putting message and prompt strings directly into the dialog flow code.  The option in Oracle Digital Assistant 20.12 and later to create multilingual bots via the multilingual NLU (watch a video about this) does prove me right.

However, I do recommend that you ALWAYS use resource bundles, even if you don’t need a multilingual bot or if you use a translation services.

Oracle Digital Assistant 20.12 introduced not only a multilingual NLU, but also a new extended message format for creating resource bundle strings.

Beside others, the new ICU (International Components for Unicode) message format allows you to print messages and prompts based on a condition like the messenger channel being used and to detect plural vs. singular cases requiring different bot responses.

In preparation to recording a digital assistant design camp session about using resource bundles and the new ICU message format in Oracle Digital Assistant (watch the video here), I created a sample skill that I am now sharing with you in this article. Read the complete article here.

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