How to Debug Entity Event Handler in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius


I mentioned in a previous article that the trinity of Composite Bag Entities (CBE), Entity Event Handler (EEH), and the System.ResolveEntities (RE) component will soon become the standard (aka go-to technique) for building model-driven conversations in Oracle Digital Assistant. Entity event handlers can be developed using an external IDE such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code or using the browser-based editor in Oracle Digital Assistant.  In both cases, EEH are deployed to the embedded node container in Oracle Digital Assistant skills.  However, there is also the option to deploy and configure EEH component services as a remote service which can then be used to debug EEH. This article explains how to start your EEH development in the browser, then export the handler for debugging with an external IDE.

Note: To learn more about model driven conversations, see TechExchange: Model Driven Conversations in Oracle Digital Assistant – Build Better User Interfaces By Using Entities For Everything. This article describes the principle of model driven conversations for a time before EEH. With EEH, model driven design is even more compelling to adopt.

Getting Started

Below screen shot shows a sample expense report that derives the reimbursement currency from the user employee ID. So, lets assume you want to debug this step

First thing to do before you can debug the entity event handler is to export it to a local computer. By default, entity event handler are deployed as Oracle function to the embedded container in the Oracle Digital Assistant skill. Read the complete article here.

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