Display Web View Forms in Oracle Web Messenger for Structured or Secret Data Entry by Frank Nimphius


Below are 3 examples for use cases that benefit from structured data entry in a chatbot conversation.

· Sensitive information such as credit card numbers that should not be displayed in the messenger’s conversation history.

· For users to enter or edit a large amount of information that otherwise would result in very long chatbot conversations

· When the messenger does not provide convenient user interface to guide users (e.g. a calendar picker or dependent list-of-values)

Oracle Digital Assistant supports locally and remotely deployed web forms. For the Oracle Web SDK (Oracle web messenger), the web view can be displayed in a separate browser tab or integrated into the messenger so that users are not taken out of context. In this article I explain how you display web forms in the web messenger and also provide a sample that displays a Oracle JET10 based login form.

The Sample at Runtime

After importing the provided Oracle Digital Assistant skill and configuring Oracle Web Messenger, you can test the sample by starting the index.html file in a browser. Then open the messenger window by clicking the bot icon. A welcome message is displayed with the instructions shown in the image below. Read the complete article here.

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