Helidon Extension for Visual Studio Code by Andrey Serkes

imageThe Helidon development team has decided to contribute to and support Java technologies in Visual Studio Code by creating an extension for Helidon. This extension will help users generate, develop and run a Helidon project.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free IDE made by Microsoft. Its popular among front-end developers due to its flexibility, ease of customization and free use, but it also has great support for web development. This IDE is very extensible and support for additional languages and features can be provided by freely-available extensions on the VS Code Marketplace or you can write your own extension.

VS Code already has a set of very useful and popular extensions for Java, including support for Java language, debugger, maven and gradle support, and other technologies that are needed during the development.

Now we’ll look at the Helidon VS Code extension, explain what it can do and show how it works. Note that this is the first version of the extension and we will be adding new features in the future.

Where can I find the new extension?

The Helidon VS Code extension is available from our official GitHub repository. You will need to download the vscode-helidon.vsix file and install it in VS Code. Read the complete article here.

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