Oracle Digital Assistant – Multilingual the easy way by Daniel Teixeira


The Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) provides out of the box Native support for several Languages. In this post I will cover the necessary steps to implement a pure Multilingual Chatbot.

You can design both single-language and multi-language skills. For understanding user input, you can either use Oracle Digital Assistant’s native support for various languages or a translation service. For output, you typically define the strings for each target language in resource bundles.

The documentation is a good place to start and understand all the details around the Multilingual support. There are typically two approaches, (1) use translation services or the (2) native language support.

Here I will focus on the native language support and cover all the necessary steps to have a fully working multilingual chatbot.

Create Skill

As always the first step is to create a Skill

We always need to have a default primary language – in this case English

From the Drop Down we can see the available supported native languages. Read the complete article here.

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