Helidon and JBatch by Mitia Alexandrov


In this article we will demonstrate how Helidon and JBatch can be used together to execute batch jobs in environments that do not fully support EE environments.

According to the description from the Jakarta Batch (JBatch) official website, the JBatch specification provides the following:

The Jakarta Batch project describes the XML-based job specification language (JSL), Java programming model, and runtime environment for batch applications for the Java platform.

The specification ties together the Java API and the JSL (XML) allowing a job designer to compose a job in XML from Java application artifacts and conveniently parameterize them with values for an individual job. This structure promotes application reuse of artifacts across different jobs.

The specification allows the flexibility for batch jobs to be scheduled or orchestrated in any number of ways, and stops short of defining any APIs or constructs regarding scheduling or orchestration of multiple or repeated jobs.

The usage of JBatch is really vast. Practically everywhere in the enterprise (EE) world there are millions of batch jobs running on millions of servers. The JBatch spec was created to make these types of tasks portable across the enterprise solutions in the Java/Jakarta EE world. Read the complete article here.

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