Modern App Development – SaaS Extensions by Shay Shmelzer


This Modern App Development reference architecture presents the design principles associated with creating SaaS extension apps, and an optimal implementation path.

Oracle Applications Cloud is the enterprise software as a service (SaaS) offering from Oracle that spans solutions for areas such as HCM, ERP, SCM, and CX. It provides extensive functionality, but sometimes organizations want to create customized UI and business processes that extend that functionality. These extension apps integrate with information from Applications Cloud, use the same security layer, and often “mash up” data from other systems, delivering a user experience that seamlessly integrates with Applications Cloud. Some of these apps need to be embedded in the Applications Cloud interface, and in other cases, they might be targeted to external customers and need to operate outside of the Applications Cloud environment.

Design Principles

When implementing a SaaS extension pattern, use the following design principles for the Modern App Development.

  • Use lightweight open-source frameworks and mature programming languages

Use Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) for the UI layer. Oracle JET is an open source toolkit for JavaScript-based apps that includes a collection of components with rich functionality. The Oracle Cloud Apps teams use the same components when developing new Redwood-based UIs. The same Redwood UI patterns, styles, and templates are available for developers working with Oracle JET and Oracle Visual Builder.

The development language for the UI layer is JavaScript. For the backend, use mature languages such as Java.

  • Build your apps as microservices that communicate over APIs

Develop business processes and data manipulation services as microservices exposed through an API. Doing so allows you to easily handle, scale, and access them.

UIs developed with Oracle Visual Builder use REST-based backend services, including services exposed by Applications Cloud and services that expose data from other sources through standard REST APIs. Read the complete article here.

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