CI/CD for Oracle Integrations with Visual Builder Studio by Shay Shmeltzer

imageThe new version of Oracle Visual Builder Studio adds support for automating continuous deployment of Integrations created in Oracle Integration from one instance to another. This can help teams easily promote changes to integrations from their development instance to their test and production instances. In this blog we’ll show you how to achieve this.

Oracle Integration is a cloud service that allows you to integrate data from multiple sources and create data APIs for other apps to consume. For example, many of the customers who are developing user interfaces with Oracle Visual Builder rely on Oracle Integration to get the data shown in the UI. Oracle Integration has adapters that can help you easily connect and extract data from multiple systems.

Oracle Integration provides a web-based interface where developers visually create integrations and manage versions of those integrations. For customers who are looking to automate the process of migrating integrations between instances (such as from dev to prod) – Oracle Visual Builder provides an easy-to-use solution that simplify export and import of integrations.

Automating Integration CI/CD

We added specific Oracle integration functionality into Visual Builder Studio in both the Environments and Build areas. In the environments section you can define multiple environments and map them to integration cloud instances. We can scan your tenancy for instances, and you can also provide a pointer to other instances in other cloud tenancies. Read the complete article here .

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