Conditional Highlighting Table Rows – Revisited by Shay Shmeltzer


With lots of data showing up in a table, it is helpful to highlight important points to the end-user in a visual way. A while back I wrote a blog showing how to color code the value in a column, in this entry we take it further showing how to have the indicator at the row level using badges and also how to color code the whole row.

While your initial instinct might be that changing the color of the whole row is a more clear indicator, that would be ignoring 8% of your male end-users who might be color blind. This is why our UI experts recommend to use a combination of text and color to achieve highlight effect.

In the demo video below we are showing how to leverage the Oracle JET badge component in a row. To add this to a table, drag the badge into the table to create a new column. Then use expression language to decide on the value and the class color coding used for the badge: Read the complete article here.

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