Running Visual Builder Apps Outside of Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


Visual Builder is not just a development platform it is also the hosting platform for the apps you developed. The VB server provides various capabilities delivered as an Oracle managed cloud service – removing the need to worry about the server maintanance and availability from your team. The VB Server includes a built in database and middle-tier that allow you to host business objects, their business logic, their data, and the REST APIs they expose. Another service provided by the VB server is a REST access proxy that can be used to manage credentials passing and CORS access to external REST endpoints. The last part of functionality provided by the VB Server is integration with the Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) to manage authentication and authorization using users and groups defined in IDCS.

All that being said, in some cases we ran into customers who are only looking to leverage VB for the simplicty of developing an Oracle JET based web user interface, and they are looking to run that interface on other servers without using (or paying) for the VB server. You can achieve this, if your app doesn’t rely on the above mentioned server functionality. Read the complete article here.

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