Oracle Digital Assistant Template for Hospitality / Food & Beverage by Barry Hiern


Oracle Digital Assistant is a complete platform for building rich and engaging conversational experiences for your enterprise. It allows you to combine AI driven Natural Language Understanding (NLU), conversational flows and back-end integration to create AI chatbots on all the popular chat and voice channels.

For Hospitality based organisations such as Hotels and Food & Beverage vendors, the use of an AI chatbots can significantly increase the touch points between customer and goods/service. This is particularly true in the era of COVID where lockdowns have made “take-away” the norm, rather than the exception. It gives customers the ability to easily notify the Hotel /Restaurant of changes in their plans (delays or cancellations), promotes a decrease in no-shows.

At the same time, enhancing the establishment’s confidence in maintaining reasonable levels of occupancy whilst decreasing the load on the support team and operational costs.
It’s a clear win-win. With the Oracle Digital Assistant Hospitality, Food & Beverage Template we can help you accelerate your implementation and achieve these benefits faster. Read the complete article here.

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