Helidon 2.4.0 released! By Mitia Alexandrov


We are happy to announce that Helidon 2.4.0 is released! This is really a huge release with a lot of enhancements and integrations. Let’s see what’s new!

Java 17 support

In September 2021 the long awaited Java 17 was released. This release is an LTS (Long Term Support). Helidon 2.4.0 is now fully compatible with Java 17 and it’s newest features!

More OCI Integrations

Helidon now has OCI ATP Service Integration with Wallet Management and Easy connection and DataSource Configuration. Integration with Object Storage and Vault now provides Health Checks.

Long Running Actions (LRA) Early Access

MicroProfile LRA provides a simple, loosely coupled transaction model for microservices that is based on the SAGA pattern for distributed transaction. It relaxes some of the constraints of ACID transactions to enable independent microservices to more easily participate in a potentially long-running orchestrated activity. Each microservice contributes the encapsulated business logic that is required to align with the overall outcome of the activity or transaction. Helidon uses Narayana as supported coordinator. But there is an experimental Helidon implementation of coordinator. This coordinator handles one or more participant services so that the execution of their business logic is organized in a predictable way. Read the complete article here.

Developer Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the Developer Partner Community please register here.

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