How an Intelligent BoT can boost your customers’ level of satisfaction? By ORSERS Consulting


While it was once unusual to stumble across a website that had a chat icon waiting at its lower right corner, these days the presence of a chatbot is fast becoming the benchmark for businesses that aim to leave their mark in an online world. Here at ORSERS Consulting, we have made it our mission to understand every element of what allows organizations and users step up to get the most out of chatbots, and the result of that endeavor is Connect—an innovative, tailored, and integration-ready Oracle Digital Assistant Solution, crafted with providing ultimate support to any business demand in mind.

ORSERS Consulting is an Oracle System Integrator based in Dubai and Dakar—and as an Oracle Gold Partner, we are proud to be the only Oracle Approved Education Center in West Africa. As passionate pioneers within the realm of Oracle end-to-end solutions, we are dedicated to delivering purpose-forged and customized solutions to serve businesses around the globe.

Building upon our services within the spheres of Project Management, Development, Consulting, Adoption, Training, and Certifications, we developed the Oracle Cloud-powered framework for Connect, launching into an initial project in collaboration with public sector client, the Direction Générale du Budget of Senegal (DBS). The result was an Advanced BoT named Safi, who is ever-ready to handle citizens’ complaints in a timely, user-friendly, and solution-oriented way.

Leveraging both the potential of the Oracle Digital Assistant and APEX (Oracle Application Express), Connect tailored to offer the following functionalities:

  • A conversational Q&As BoT, drawing upon your up-to-date FAQ
  • The capacity for users to create complaints and requests
  • Real-time capacity for users to update or track their complaints and requests
  • The ability to offer users the chance to upload supporting documents
  • The capacity to intelligently direct users to the correct team or department for further assistance
  • Adaptable back-office tools for the management of complaints and requests

Safi is not only able to help users navigate the complaints submissions process, but also to conversationally respond to questions and citizens common inquiries. Users can move seamlessly between chat-based interactions, relevant forms, document uploads, and more—all within the Connect interface. You can visit the DBS website to see Safi in action, or watch this video about her tailored capabilities to find out more.

Taking Customer Service Further With Connect

While Safi is indeed an elegant solution for the organization it serves, the potential of Connect goes so much further. Building upon the esteemed framework of the Oracle Digital Assistant, we created Connect to be fully customizable, meeting the needs of a diversity of businesses—those striving to deliver unbeatable customer service across a spectrum of industries, every hour of every day.

With Connect, businesses and organizations of any size can provide users with 24/7 support, meeting the fast-paced expectations of modern consumers head-on. Connect will allow your brand to engage in a human way with an ever-growing customer base. What’s more, Connect has been packaged to start simple and scale with your business as it grows, evolves, and flourishes.

Offering a number of predefined models—each ready to be tailored to serve your company’s unique goals—we aim to provide an optimized and cost-effective chatbot solution that will satisfy and delight your end-users and your targeted customers. With “Connect”, discover a next-generation BoT that meets the needs of your audience intuitively and with precision, allowing you to maximize productivity and take your user experience to the next level.

Using Connect to Provide Unparalleled Service

Because the Connect chatbot can resolve simple—and often repetitive—inquiries independently, core support staff are able to pour their energy into diligently helping customers who require more complex assistance, further facilitated by Connect‘s integrated backend functionality with Oracle and non-Oracle Systems. This allows organizations to provide better customer service while saving substantially on operational costs; not to mention, providing staff with greater stimulation.

Because Connect is data-driven, it also provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into customer needs and behaviors. Sculpting the role that your chatbot plays to the specific needs of your business is a must. That’s why we create chatbot packages that are results-oriented and tailored to operate on your behalf. Connect is an advanced, interactive, and fully-customized BoT that is primed to manage all your customers’ and end-users’ day-to-day business inquiries. Today’s consumers value brands that deliver more, so why not add a resource to your business toolkit that was designed to exceed those expectations? Connect with our team and discover what Connect can do for your organization today.

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