Helidon with Swagger / OpenAPI by Suren Konathala


Swagger UI is a great resource to generate and show docs for (java based) APIs. While adding a Swagger UI to a maven based project should be straight forward, adding a few annotations to your class and some dependencies to your pom.xml. It turned out there are a few steps involved for Helidon built projects. This article presents those details.


This article discusses the how-to’s of setting up Swagger UI to a project built with Helidon MP . A working example is on Github.

Why this post?

It took a while for me to setup Swagger UI to my API-only project built with Helidon MP. Wanted to share this article to my fellow developers, to save time.

Getting started

Building from scratch

If you already have an existing project, skip steps 1 and 2

1. Create a new project using Helidon MP’s archetype

mvn -U archetype:generate 

2.Build and Run the default project Read the complete article here.

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