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Statistical analysis revolutionized the game of baseball, to the extent that every single team in the major league now employs a huge stats team that drives almost every decision the organization makes. The days of a “good eye” and a “gut feel” being the deciding factor are long over. Now, it’s all about the numbers.

And the parallels to the world of digital assistants are remarkably close. Successful implementation of a digital assistant solution entails applying advanced statistical techniques to both measure and improve performance. The premise being:

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

– Peter Drucker

So, let’s start with the concept, and then examine the details behind the ways that the worlds of baseball and digital assistants collide.

1.   Moneyball

The lesson from Moneyball was that smart organizations could compete with the likes of the Yankees if they used their limited financial resources in ways that were much more efficient. If they could generate a hundred runs a year by spending $1M, while the Yankees were spending $10M, then they would level the playing field. Doing more with less was possible if organizations could change their traditional ways of thinking.

And so it is true in the world of digital assistants. If somebody offered you something ten times better than what you already were paying for, and it happened to also be twenty times cheaper (at least), wouldn’t it make sense to switch to it? Read the complete article here.

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