Oracle B2C Agent Assistant by Tamer Qumhieh


Oracle Digital Assistant has different integration points with the Oracle CX portfolio. For example, you can configure your Oracle Digital assistant bots to search and display knowledge base articles by integrating with Oracle Knowledge Foundation, leverage Oracle Intelligent Advisor to deliver rule-based advice through interactive interviews.

In addition, you can configure your digital assistant DAs or skills with different Live Help Approaches:

DA As an Agent: The DA-as-an-agent feature lets you turn a digital assistant into an automated agent that chats with the customer through the live-help channel. You can use this feature with Oracle B2C Service and Oracle B2B Service live help. With this feature, the chat starts in the live-help channel, and the service can route the chat request to either a human agent or a digital assistant. You set up routing rules to specify when to send a chat request to a digital assistant. All conversations take place in the live-help channel regardless of whether the agent is a human agent or a digital assistant

Live Agent Transfer: Live-agent transfer enables you to hand off a skill’s conversation to either an Oracle B2C Service live agent or a third-party chat service. With this feature, you can enhance your skill to handle user tasks that require human intervention by transferring the conversation to a live agent. The conversation continues in the same user channel that the customer used to invoke the skill. After the live agent completes their end of the conversation, the skill takes control of the conversation again. When you transfer the conversation from the skill to B2C Service, you can pass information that lets B2C Service know which agent queue to send the chat request to.

With all these different integrations in place, they all have one thing in common; all are targeted towards providing help and support for an organizations’ “customer/consumer”.
Now assume the bot decided to handover the chat conversation to a human agent, and the customer/consumer is conversing with that agent. The customer expects the agent to be fully equipped with the answers and information to help him with his enquiry.

On other end of the spectrum, an organization expects all their agents to provide consistent, correct, and relevant answers to customer enquiries in a polite and professional manner.

So, this raises the question of who helps the agent. Wouldn’t it be nice if the agent also had a personal assistant that provides him with contextual information relevant to customer problems but also guide him in cases where a customer is frustrated, angry, happy, or if the customer uses an inappropriate language? It’s like having a little Genie sitting next to an agent and whispering in his ear. This article explains the solution and provides a sample integration that integrates Oracle Digital Assistant with the Oracle B2C Live Agent console.  The image above shows how Oracle Digital Assistant is displayed on the right hand side of the Live Agent window to assist the human agent. Read the complete article here.

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