Announcing the WebLogic Remote Console Version 2.0.0 by Monica Riccelli


We are happy to announce the release of version 2.0.0 of the WebLogic Remote Console (remote console).  The remote console is a modern, lightweight, open-source console that you can use to manage and monitor your WebLogic Server, and domains.  It is offered as an alternative to the WebLogic Server Administration Console (administration console) web application, which Oracle continues to support. To download the remote console go to the “Releases” tab of remote console GitHub project,  read the documentation Get Started  to learn how to install and use the remote console.

The important feature of the remote console is that it does not need to be collocated with the WebLogic Server domain. Developers, administrators, and DevOps teams can install and run the remote console from one computer and connect to a domain running anywhere: in a physical or virtual machine, in a container, in Kubernetes, in Oracle Cloud, or in other clouds. The remote console connects to your domain using WebLogic REST APIs.

This version of the remote console has the following new features:

  • WebLogic Deploy Tooling (WDT) model file support – create and update WDT model files
  • Multiple provider support – connect to multiple WebLogic Server domains and WDT model files
  • New Configuration View Tree perspective – view currently active configuration settings
  • The Kiosk. Read the complete article here.

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