Reusing Fragments Across Pages in Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


Fragments are a key new capability in Oracle Visual Builder that adds a new level of modularity, reusability, and manageability to your application development experience. A fragment is a section of the user interface that can be developed as a stand-alone artifact, and will be included in multiple other pages in the application. Fragments can accept parameters which can influence their behavior. In addition, Fragments can raise events to the containing pages and pass information in these events.

To use fragments your application needs to use the new Visual Builder 22.01 runtime version (check your application settings and update the application if needed).


First, here is a quick example of how to develop and use fragments. In this case we are developing a reusable fragments that list our employees and allow us to select one. We then embed this fragments in two pages. In one of them we just show the list and in the other we enable selection and react to the selection event in the containing page. Check it out:

Developing Fragments

You’ll see the fragments section appearing in your web applications navigator at the same level as flows in your application. A Fragment that you create is defined at the application level and as such is reusable inside any page in any flow in the specific application. Just like a page, a Fragments can define variables, actions, and events as well as mapping to data sources. Fragments are included in other pages using a new UI component called Fragment Container – oj-vb-fragment – that you can drag and add to your page. Read the complete article here.

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