Announcing Oracle Visual Builder on OCI Availability by Shay Shmeltzer


We’re pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Visual Builder, running natively on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle Visual Builder is a rapid-development platform for creating and hosting web and mobile applications. Visual Builder provides a visual browser-based environment that simplifies creation of enterprise apps using HTML, JavaScript, and REST technologies. Visual Builder is the development platform used by Oracle to create the next generation of Oracle’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud applications and is enabling customers to extend those apps and build their own bespoke apps. You can find Visual Builder under the Developer Service menu in your Oracle cloud tenancy. The service is already in our Latin America cloud centers in Sao Paolo, Vinhedo, and Santiago, in the next couple of months we plan to roll out to the other cloud centers.

Visual development

The focus of Oracle Visual Builder is on simplifying and accelerating application development by providing a visual development experience.

Design your pages visually using the rich set of Oracle JET UI components, and a WYSIWYG editor that lets you position them on a page and set their attributes. Visually create logic flows with the visual action chain editor. Use Quick Starts to bind UI components to data coming from REST services. You can also directly drag and drop data sources to create forms and tables that let you retrieve, modify, and insert data.

Connect to your data

Visual Builder connects to REST data sources both within and outside of the Oracle ecosystem and simplifies creating user interfaces on top of them.

Built-in service catalogs expose Oracle’s cloud applications data objects for easy integration into your application. If you’re using Oracle Integration, Visual Builder shows you the integrations and processes that you developed to simplify creating cutting-edge user interface on top of them.

The component exchange offers further integration with Oracle Content and Experience and Oracle Analytics as sources of documents and data to integrate into your application.

Visual Builder can interact with third-party REST services using OpenAPI and Swagger specification to streamline definition of the interaction. But even if you don’t have the metadata, you can add service endpoints that use REST to your application with ease. Read the complete article here.

Developer Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the Developer Partner Community please register here.

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