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5 changes for hotels 76% of hoteliers say COVID-19 accelerated technology adoption, as hotels turn to technology for improved mobility and increased automation to meet returning travelers’ needs. Here are five ways hoteliers are changing the travel experience in the new year.

Banking on multicloud Banking regulators are encouraging financial institutions to pursue multicloud strategies to minimize the likelihood that outages or security breaches become systemic problems. This regulatory direction comes as banks increase their cloud investments to accommodate growing data volumes and the greater need to share data.

Oracle’s global expansion For Oracle customers such as Skanska, which runs global construction projects, having a local cloud infrastructure helps it comply with data sovereignty regulations and achieve low latency. Oracle launched new cloud regions in Sweden, Italy, and South Africa, with plans to have 44 cloud regions globally by year-end.

Bit banging: Use Java to communicate with components of a modern vehicle via the CAN bus

12 Java debugging tips: From using jconsole to monitoring uncaught exceptions, here are tricks that may be worth trying before you launch your favorite IDE’s debugger.

You can reuse fragments across pages in Oracle Visual Builder 22.01.

Learn how to create data-first user interfaces with the Oracle Visual Builder 22.01. Data palette.

Perform textual sentiment analysis in Java using a deep learning model and the Stanford CoreNLP suite.

Coherence Community Edition 21.12 includes distributed Coherence-backed implementations of the concurrency primitives from the java.util.concurrent package.
WebLogic Image Tool 1.10.1 speeds up deployments of Oracle WebLogic Server using Docker.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 22.0—the high-performance polyglot virtual machine—debuts new compiler optimizations and Native Image improvements.

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