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The future of F1 How do you top one of the most thrilling F1 seasons ever? For Oracle Red Bull Racing, part of the answer is a new partnership that applies Oracle Cloud to run race strategy simulations, optimize engine development, enhance training for up-and-coming drivers, and engage fans in new ways.

Startup winner A startup whose app, Let’sTalkSign, helps the hearing impaired by converting text and speech to sign language won accolades at the latest Oracle Startup Idol. Six founders each had three minutes to lay out their vision by describing a global problem and how their unique technology provides a solution.

Vital communications Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Health and Vysnova Partners created a large-scale COVID-19 testing study, and quickly learned they needed a strong email platform for communicating with research participants. “The amazing thing is that we had less than 100 unsubscribes out of 30,000 recipients since we started email through Eloqua, which I’ve never seen in my life before,” says Vysnova’s Derek Kurpianov.

Fighting climate change Shelley McNeill, a contractor for the National Centers for Environmental Information, built a crucial global weather-monitoring dashboard using the Oracle APEX low-code development platform. The dashboard delivers climate change information from tens of thousands of stations to thousands of users worldwide.

How telcos can make a comeback Although 2021 was another bad year for telco valuations, those companies can bounce back by delivering growth through M&A and new services, accelerating digital transformation, and engaging with societal and environmental causes. And 5G will, of course, play a big part.

Language recognition made easier OCI Language is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service that performs sophisticated text analysis at scale. It’s one of several OCI AI services that streamline the use of AI in applications and business operations, with no need for developer expertise in data science and no requirement for training data.

There’s a new command-line interface for Coherence. You can use cohctl to view all cluster information such as clusters, machines, members, services, caches, federation, persistence, and much more, as well as to perform various management operations against clusters.

The Micronaut framework is a modern full-stack framework backed by the Micronaut Foundation. Oracle Labs has made a major contribution that further optimizes the construction of cloud native applications with GraalVM: Micronaut Serialization.

Extending Java GraalVM, an open source project from Oracle, supports Python and R, enabling dynamic scripts and data science libraries. Find out how to take advantage of polyglot support in GraalVM.

Develop XR with Oracle Cloud, Database on HoloLens, Episode 1: Spatial and Graph, AI/ML, Kubernetes, and OpenTelemetry

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