Automatic Action Chain Testing in Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


Oracle Visual Builder makes it very easy to define tests on your business logic – even the logic that is defined visually using action chains. This is a unique and powerful feature for serious development teams. For each action chain, developers can easily create test cases that will help them determine if the action chain behaves as expected. This is useful to make sure that code changes don’t break functionality. In the new version of Visual Builder we now run the tests associated with an action chain that your modified automatically in the background while you are idle. This helps developer identify issues faster, leading to faster resolution of code breakage.

I blogged in the past about the ability to define tests for action chains in Visual Builder – this is a powerful feature that can help you adopt test driven development methodology. Internally at Oracle we require our developers to create these tests when they are developing VB apps as part of Oracle SaaS. To remove roadblocks for adoption of this approach we made creating tests very easy. Just let VB know the expected values for variables that are used in the action chain and give examples of the results expected from REST calls. Visual Builder will give you suggestions as to the expected values in each one of your steps. Accept those suggestions and a test for your action chain is ready. We will also let you know what percentage of code coverage your tests are achieving. See the documenation covering action chain testing to learn more.

Having the tests is useful if developers remember to run them, which developers sometimes neglect to do. Well now you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Read the complete article here.

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