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imageLeaders leverage Oracle Cloud What do remote meeting service provider GoTo, AI pioneer Aleph Alpha, the Cox Automotive business information service, and Oracle Red Bull Racing have in common? They run critical workloads on OCI, leveraging its flexibility, on-demand capabilities, price-performance, and security.

Breaking ground at sea CJ Perez is the first American woman SailGP champion, the first Latina, and the youngest person ever to race in the world premier sailing league. Growing up in Hawaii in a super-competitive family, she became hooked on sailing at 13, and she’s changing the face of the sport.

AI for healthcare Xpert AI uses artificial intelligence to make telehealth more effective, helping doctors “better understand whatever it is that they’re looking at,” according to CEO Justin Anderson. Find out more about how Xpert AI improves diagnoses and delivers higher quality care on the Stories from the Cloud

Oracle has released a Kubernetes Cluster API Provider for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Cluster API Provider is a Kubernetes subproject focused on providing declarative APIs and tooling to simplify provisioning, upgrading, and operating multiple Kubernetes clusters. It’s an open source provider that combines the simplicity of Cluster API with the benefits of OCI.

A new version of the Oracle Visual Builder development environment rolled out in February. It lets you create business objects on existing tables and views, as well as execute action chain tests in the background. You can also specify an alternative primary key for business objects, as well as REST services server variables. Learn more about this in the Visual Builder blog .

Big changes have come to Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET). Version 12.0.0 has a new runtime dependency on the preact/compat compatibility layer for the React ecosystem, as well as significant changes in Webpack, the toolkit that lets you bundle open source JavaScript modules. There are many other enhancements too; see the release notes.

The Oracle Enterprise Cloud Native Java team has released updates to two important developer products.   Verrazzano 1.2 is the latest release of Oracle’s Enterprise Container Platform for deploying, securing and managing applications deployed to Kubernetes.   In Verrazzano 1.2 we have focused on making applications easier to operate.   For more information see the Verrazzano 1.2 blog.   In addition we released the first milestone release of Helidon 3.0 which is planned to support MicroProfile 5.0.  For more information on new features and APIs available see the blog announcing Helidon 3.0.0-M1.   We presented on developing microservices with Helidon, and deploying them to Kubernetes with Verrazzano, at the recent Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations virtual event in March.   The replay is available here.

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