Enterprise Bots: Create Value and Innovate with Conversational AI & Oracle Digital Assistant – Partner Community Webcast March 28th 2023

YouTube March 10 2023What are the use cases for enterprise bots? Learn from successful customer projects the benefits and how to position Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA). ODA delivers a complete AI platform to create conversational experiences for business applications through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Partners can leverage and extend pre-build bots for Oracle SaaS (HCM, CX, ERP). E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft. Or build custom bots for example a concierge bot and generate a bot on top of an Oracle database. Attend the webcast to create new AI service offerings to drive customer innovation.

Speakers: Martijn de Grunt & Jürgen Kress

Schedule: March 28th 2023 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)

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• Overview Oracle Digital Assistant

• Why Enterprise Conversational AI?

• Use cases from customer examples

• Oracle Apps & Digital Assistant

• Key persona’s to target

• Why Digital Assistant

• References

How to create quick value and innovate

• Conversational Design Experience

Concierge Template & SQL Dialog Template

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