Engage Your Employees on a Conversational Platform with Oracle Digital Assistant – Occamonics customer success webcast April 25th 2023

imageIn Oracle Cloud HCM, it’s now possible for users to access HCM services through a conversational interface (a chatbot) called a digital assistant. If you have an Oracle Cloud HCM account that comes with a pre-provisioned instance of Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), you also get a ready-to-use digital assistant. This includes a variety of skills for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications including skills for HCM and recruiting. These enable users to handle various employee and manager tasks through a chat window, thus saving time for HR representatives. You can download these skills from the ODA skill store and use them as is, or you can extend them to answer more questions and handle company-specific terms and phrasing. Here are some examples of requests that you can try with these skills:

  • Find someone in the company
  • Check on your last paycheck
  • View your benefits
  • View your available vacation/PTO balance
  • Ask about manager functions such as Approvals, My Team, or Promotion
  • View your interview schedule
  • Search for jobs
  • Check your job application status

While on the road or between meetings, your employees can quickly converse with skills to answer questions using chat channels such as Web Channel. Alternatively, you can use the various channels supported by the Oracle Digital Assistant platform. Join the webinar to  learn tips, tricks and best practice from over 20 HCM Digital Assistant implementation.


Ryan Patrick Founder and CEE, Occamonics 

Martijn de Grunt, Oracle

Jürgen Kress, Oracle

Schedule: April 25th 2023 11:00-12:00 CET (Paris time).

For details please visit the registration page here.


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