An interview with enterprise mobility lead Luc Bors by Chris Muir

clip_image002Mobility expert Luc Bors from AMIS Netherlands recently published via McGraw-
Hill the Oracle Mobile Application Developer Guide, the very first book to come out about Oracle’s Mobile Application Framwork (MAF) since its release earlier this year. Following on from my previous articles on Oracle mobile leaders, in this Q&A article we interviewed Luc to share his insights into the world of Oracle mobility with you.

Firstly Luc, congratulations on publishing your book on Oracle’s Mobile Application Framework. This must have been a big achievement for you?

Luc: Thanks Chris. This was definitely a big achievement for me. It was hard work and it took a lot of my spare time. I will never forget the moment when I submitted my final chapter and, some 3 months later, the moment the shipment with my book in print arrived. It felt great! I was finally able to hold the book in my hands.

Great work. If we can take a few steps back, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for a few years when you’ve presented at conferences around the world, but for the audience can you please introduce yourself, your role and organization you work for?

Luc: My name is Luc Bors. I am an Oracle ACE and I work as a principal consultant for AMIS Services in the Netherlands. AMIS is a consulting company where expertise is key. This is evident in our profound knowledge of the complete Oracle technology stack. With nearly 100 employees we not only work for customers in the Netherlands, but also offer expert services throughout the world.

What’s your background before working on mobile solutions?

Luc: Actually I do not have a background in IT at all. I have a master’s degree in Genetic Engineering from Wageningen University. During my years in university I already developed an affinity to computer science as I was using and altering highly sophisticated software for statistical analysis. After graduating it did not take much time and effort to switch from Bio Technology to Information Technology. Both were emerging technologies in the 90’s and that is where my passion lies: new technologies. I started as an Oracle Forms and PL/SQL Developer in 1997 and about 8 years ago I switched to Java and Oracle ADF. I have been involved in many ADF projects, both greenfield ADF implementations and Forms to ADF modernization projects. First as developer, later as technical team lead and architect.

And today what’s your main focus?

Luc: Today my main focus is ADF architecture and mobile solutions based on the Oracle Mobile Application Framework. I tend to combine both and use the power of both frameworks in the context of enterprise mobility.

As a developer, what’s changed since you took up the “mobile first” mantra?

Luc: The first time I took up a mobile challenge was actually quite some years ago. In a proof of concept for a retailer I created a solution for handheld scanners that called out to a web service to find the stock for articles with a given barcode. Back in those days nobody had heard of “mobile first”. Read the complete interview here.

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