Mobile and Mobile Cloud Service training part of Summer Camps VI August 29th – September 2nd 2016 Lisbon Portugal


Mobile and Mobile Cloud Service Partner Workshop

Trainers: Grant Ronald & Frank Nimphius & Mireille Duroussaud

Please visit our registration page here

Duration 4 Days
Timing Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (breaks included)

Get up & running extending your Oracle Forms applications to Mobile with Oracle MAX
Join members of the Oracle Mobility PM team for a 4 day workshop that demonstrates how Oracle Forms applications can become part of a mobile application development. Get inspired and discuss with the experts about the options that turn Oracle Forms developers in mobile application developers.
What are we announcing?
Mobile has changed application development faster and more sustainable than anything else before. IT departments face an increasing demand for new mobile applications to be built or the extension of existing applications to mobile. How do you master this challenge if the required skills are not yet yours?
Oracle Forms is a veteran product among Oracle application development tools. Its PL/SQL based and considered rock solid. Over the years however, technology has shifted away from PL/SQL towards Java EE, Java Script, CSS and service orientation, and now mobile and cloud. Though there is no immediate need to move out of Oracle Forms, there is one to join the mobile and cloud movement. But how can you leverage existing skills and Forms applications in mobile on-device applications?
This 4 day workshop teaches a path from Oracle Forms to mobile that enables developers to expose existing Forms application modules to mobile cloud service middleware from where new on-device mobile applications can be built and deployed declaratively with no coding required at all. It also demonstrates how to bridge the skill gap PL/SQL developers usually have when it comes to coding for new non-Oracle Forms technologies.

What is covered in the workshop?
AuraPlayer - A Oracle Forms focused solution that exposed Oracle Forms application functionality for use through the REST service interface. The solution by AuraPlayer makes business logic in Forms available to cloud and mobile, as well as to any other REST aware client technologies. We are aware that there are other options to expose Forms content to the REST interface but chose AuraPlayer for this workshop.
Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) is a mobile middleware in the cloud (MbaaS) built by Oracle that exposes common mobile functionality as REST services to mobile client developers. A full day is dedicated to Oracle MCS for you to learn about the product, the positioning, custom mobile service development and hands-on knowledge you need for your job.
Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) is a new Oracle product that is built-in to Oracle MCS and that you use to develop mobile on-device client applications declaratively. During the workshop you learn about the product and its code-free development principles that aim for citizen developers as well as mobile consultants that need to quickly and declaratively build new mobile applications. As a Forms user you will be delighted to see how MAX bridges the before mentioned skill gap, immediately turning you into a mobile developer wizard.
During the workshop hands-on you'll be using all of the before mentioned products to work on a Oracle Forms to mobile project. With the Oracle Forms application REST exposure, you create an Oracle Mobile Cloud Service backend and custom API that makes the REST interface available to Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) for building mobile on device applications declaratively. On the last day of the workshop you are given the chance to "road test" your knowledge and use what you've learned on your own custom
Forms modules.
Why should you attend?
If Oracle Forms and Mobile is in your interest, then you probably have a lot of uncertainties and even more questions you are seeking to get answers for. The workshop is lead by three members from the Oracle product management team. All three are former Oracle Forms product managers, then Oracle ADF product managers and now responsible for Oracle Mobile Cloud Services and related mobility products. In addition technical support and assistance will be provided by AuraPlayer for the Forms to REST transformation. This training is a one-time only chance for you to get on top of mobile application development based on existing Oracle Forms logic and a first show of Oracle MAX in a public training.

Grant Ronald
Mireille Duroussaud
Frank Nimphius

For details please visit our registration page here.

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