Adding A Calendar Component To Your Oracle Digital Assistant Chatbot Using The Oracle Web SDK by Anshuman Panda


This article explains how you can display a calendar widget for an input text prompt using the Oracle Web SDK. The solution uses a resource bundle entry to return HTML markup for the calendar. The Oracle Web SDK JavaScript API is used to send the selected date information back to the skill to update the underlying variable. The message sent after selecting a date is passed as a postback message that contains the name and value for a variable to update as well as the action to transition to.

Disclaimer: The goal of this article is to showcase the use of HTML widgets in the content of a bot response. If you put this code into production, make sure you implement support for channels other than Web (if e.g. your bot should also run on other channels) as well as to handle when users type a message instead of using the displayed calendar widget. Read the complete article here.

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