Using BotML in Oracle Digital Assistant to provide a feedback functionality for answers given by a bot by Frank Nimphius


In an earlier article on Oracle TechExchange, I explained how to implement a feedback feature for answers to frequently asked questions. In the article I used a custom component that actually handled the feedback interaction with a user. In this article I explain the same use case using BotML for handling the feedback conversation (or any other follow-up conversation needed).

A benefit of the approach explained in the article is that it is easier to implement for developers that are new to Oracle Digital Assistant and custom components. Where the previous solution required a complex – though interesting – custom component to be developed, this solution goes with pure BotML.

As with many article on Oracle techExchange, there are a couple of things you will learn

· Formatting messages using an Apache FreeMarker array

· Defining answers as regular intents

· Adding icons to Common Response component actions

· Using a delegate object on the Oracle Web SDK

· Using CSS to customize the Oracle Web SDK rendering

· Read the complete article here.

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