Logistics Digital Assistant – OTM skill extension part 1 by Shreenidhi Raghuram



Logistics Digital Assistant – Oracle Transport Management (OTM) and Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)

The Logistics Digital assistant (LDA) is a set of Logistics-related conversational skills for ODA. Currently (21C), the OTM Order Shipment Status skill is available under the category of LDA. The OTM Order Shipment status skill provides various ODA features which can be very useful for non-core users (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) to interact with the OTM/GTM application. It provides access to OTM GTM data using a conversational interface, and without the user needing to access the OTM application UI. ODA platform also allows users to extend the available base skill to cater to specific customer requirements or provide additional functionality.

This blog will outline the process and methodology to implement extensions to the OTM Order Shipment Status base skill and thereby provide changed or additional functionality in the ODA conversational interface.

OTM Base Skill Capabilities

Functional features available in OTM Order Shipment status skill are as follows

  • Show recent Orders
  • Show delayed Orders
  • Find Orders by ID

Refer to the ‘Logistics Digital Assistant Getting Started Guide’ for configuration and setup required to start using the OTM Order Shipment Status skill.
In this blog we will be referring to the OTM Order Shipment status skill also as ‘OTM bot’ in many places.

OTM Skill extension

Here are some of the main steps needed to start extending the OTM Base skill

Pull the latest Base OTM skill

On the ODA console, navigate to Development-> Store and search for the OTM Order Shipment Status skill. Select the latest base skill, which is version 3.1 (release 21C) at the time of writing this blog. ‘Pull’ this latest skill to get this skill from the skill store into the development “skills” area. Note that, at this stage the base skill can be used as is for the Out of the box features of the skill.

Extend the Base OTM skill

To begin, the base skill which is now pulled from skill store, should be extended to create an extended skill. Locate the base skill from the Development-> skills and choose Extend as shown below. Read the complete article here.

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