Developer Partner Community Newsletter May 2019

Dear Developer Partner Community,

PaaS the knowledge from the emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum. As a community member you get access to the conference presentations, demos and hands-on training material. Make us of it, become trained & certified, publish service offerings, host customer cloud test drive events, build proof of concepts based on the Oracle Cloud Platform.

WebLogic is the leading Java EE server. With Kubernetes Operator and Container Engine you can run WebLogic in the Oracle Cloud Platform. Discover this service opportunity to support your customers to shift workload to the cloud! Helidon, Oracle’s lightweight microservices platform runs now faster with GraalVM, Oracle’s universal virtual machine. Thanks to the community for all the excellent cloud native development and WebLogic articles: Serverless Node Function on Oracle Functions runs periodically to produce CSV report on Oracle ObjectStorage from data in ElasticSearch & Fn Project & Caddy for Fun & Learning & Serverless Functions — Some Like It AOT! & Migrating Oracle Application Container Cloud Service Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & Using Java libraries from a Node.js application. Testcontainers example & Helidon flies faster with GraalVM & Podcast: On the Highway to Helidon & Run WebLogic in the Cloud with Kubernetes Operator and Container Engine.

Applications build with Visual Builder Cloud Service can now be deployed at a local server, third party server or in the Oracle Cloud Platform. Thanks to the community for all the excellent mobile & development tool articles: Building Dialogs Without a Flow & Oracle Digital Assistant unifies use of enterprise chatbots & Initiating bot conversations from the Oracle Digital Assistant Client SDK for JavaScript web messenger widget on startup & How-to assign keyword shortcuts to static and dynamic lists created with the System.CommonResponse component in Oracle Digital Assistant & Run Oracle VBCS Application on Your Own Server & Running Visual Builder Apps On Other Servers (and On-Premises) & Introducing the New Component Exchange Feature in Oracle Visual Builder & New Features in Oracle Visual Builder – PWA, Components Catalog, and Much More & Controlling Browser’s Console Log Level in Visual Builder & Linking Excel to AUTO REST Enabled Tables…with the Oracle Visual Builder Plugin & Conditional Formatting Row Values in a Table in Visual Builder & Media Capture using Oracle Visual Builder for Facial Recognition App & Creating Progressive Web Apps with Oracle Visual Builder & Managing Visual Builder Development and Deployment Automation with Developer Cloud & Git Branch Protection in Oracle Developer Cloud & Welcoming OpenAPI 3.0 to Apiary & JET – dynamic content with templates & Oracle JET Components Demo Using Cookbook in JDeveloper & JET – ojChart context menu & Post to Facebook Page Wall using restfb Graph API in ADF & Java & ADF Performance Monitor: Error Diagnostics &JDev Multi select component table filter.

For a short summery of our key monthly information watch the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The May edition highlights presentations and training material from the emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum and Oracle is again recognized by Gartner as an integration platform leader. This month’s community webcast will be an update on ERP integration please join our monthly PaaS Partner Community Webcast – May 28th 2019.

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