Importing and Updating Apps Between Visual Builder Instances by Shay Shmeltzer


Visual Builder has built in lifecycle for applications that supports hosting the development, test, and production instances of an app on a single server. But many companies prefer to separate their dev instances from their production instances – this allows them to separate the users accessing each instance, separate the backends that they are accessing, and guarantee that there is no development load on the production server. If that is the approach taken, you’ll need to promote the app from the development VB instance to the production VB instance, and also take care of subsequent changes to the app.

The solution for this need is the use of a shared code repository – which is available for you for free in the Oracle Developer Cloud.

If you haven’t yet watched the video that explains how to setup Visual Builder to work with the Git repository in Developer Cloud – you should watch that video first. This is an essential thing to do if multiple developers are working on your project. It is also the thing that will enable you to promote code between environments.

Once your app code is inside the Git repo – you can leverage Visual Builder’s “Import from Git” option in any other instance of VB – this will create your initial version of the app on your new instance. Read the complete article here.

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