Announcing the WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit UI by Monica Riccelli


We are delighted to announce the release of the WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit UI (WKT UI).  The WKT UI facilitates the provisioning and deployment of WebLogic domains and applications to Kubernetes.  It supports deployments managed by the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, including WebLogic deployments managed by Verrazzano.

The WKT UI provides a graphical user interface that wraps the WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit tools, Docker, Helm, and the Kubernetes Command Line Interface (CLI), and helps guide you through the process of migrating WebLogic Server domains and applications to Kubernetes.   The WKT UI facilitates:

· Introspecting WebLogic Server domains and applications

· Creating WebLogic Server Linux container images

· Provisioning the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator

· Deploying WebLogic Server domains to Kubernetes managed by the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, including Verrazzano deployments

· Setting up and deploying the software and configurations necessary to deploy and access WebLogic Server domains in your Kubernetes cluster.

Getting Started

The  WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit (WKT) is a collection of open source tools that help users migrate their existing domains and applications, create images containing applications, deploy them to Kubernetes, monitor and manage them, persist logs to logging services, and automate patching operations and application updates. The WKT UI leverages the following tools from the WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit:

The WKT UI is a native desktop application. You can download and install the application specific to your operating system from the “Releases” tab in the WKT UI GitHub project.  For first time users, the WKT UI provides a set of introductory screens that serve as a guided tour through the UI.  Under the “Help” tab go to “Show Introduction”.  The WKT UI defaults most of its values to make it easy for users to become productive deploying their domains and applications to Kubernetes. Read the complete article here.

Developer Partner Community

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