The Cloud Native Approach to Extending your SaaS Applications by Angelo Santagata



As businesses adopt more SaaS, the ability to extend to meet changing business requirements becomes more important.  Before cloud-native, IT teams were faced with the realities of either selecting a set of vendors offered integration solutions, providing simplistic use cases, or setting up rather large stacks of infrastructures to support their more complex use-cases.

Cloud-native introduces capabilities such as containers, and serverless functions. By using these offerings, development teams can focus on completing their use-case while offloading the complexity of the infrastructure to their cloud provider. Oracle Cloud Native Services provides the capabilities that development teams need to extend their SaaS in a manner that is much easier to implement and maintain.

Oracle Functions is a new functions as a service (FAAS) offering from Oracle which allows developers the ability to execute code in the cloud and only pay for the processing power used, thus avoiding the need to run the service 24×7. The additional advantage is that the infrastructure needed to run the code is fully Oracle managed and does not require the customer/developer to maintain the runtime environment.

When using the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway service with Oracle Functions, development teams can create serverless APIs that unlock the power of serverless functions to applications such as SaaS that easily integrate with RESTful APIs
If you compare this to an Oracle Java Cloud/WebLogic cloud instance, where the customer is responsible for the maintenance and management of the software, the associated operating system hosting the WebLogic Server and often a database, this “Fully Oracle Managed approach” is very attractive. Read the complete article here.

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