GraalVM 20.1 by Oleg Šelajev


We’re really happy to announce that the 20.1.0 release of GraalVM is available and ready to make your applications run faster. GraalVM 20.1 is a feature release from the master branch and includes a number of improvements across all the components of the distribution. We’re grateful for all the support from various teams and individual contributors for helping make this release of GraalVM the best it can be. Thanks for raising issues if something doesn’t work the way you expect, suggesting useful features, spreading the word about GraalVM, and contributing to the project on GitHub.

For a detailed list of features in the release please check out the release notes and individual changelog files for the components on GitHub; here are now the highlights of the release.

Faster runtime

One new feature is improved Kotlin coroutine support in the GraalVM compiler. In the past the GraalVM compiler didn’t know how to process irreducible loops in Java bytecode. This is a particularly rare pattern in the bytecode where you can jump in the middle of the loop code without visiting the loop entrance. This pattern doesn’t occur when you compile Java or Scala, Groovy or Clojure (and I’m sure other languages), but it might happen if you run a bytecode obfuscator or use Kotlin coroutines inside loops. Read the complete article here.

Developer Partner Community

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